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Our goal is to create an environment, where crypto traders can collect information, reach analyses, and learn the coin price predictions made by AI.
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Scott W.
Cryptocurrency Analyst
Coin news was too overwhelming before using Lucernio. Everything is very systematic and easy to read now.
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Nick A.
Serial Investor, Crypto Trader
Most effective way to track what happens with my coins. This is much better than our old way to reach the news.

Coin Insight Aggregator

We collect all the information from different sources like news, blogs, Twitter and more. After clearing the noise we organise it and display by your choice.
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Price Prediction with AI

AI collects all the data from sources and forecasts the future crypto prices with cutting edge sentiment analysis techniques. For example when Elon Musk tweets that Tesla will accept Bitcoin payments, the AI will understand how good that new for Bitcoin is and how important the source is. When AI applies this method for all the recent news and compares with today's prices it will give us short term price changes for all coins.
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Coin detector

If you have interest in Artificial Intelligence you probably heard about recognition algorithms. The AI identifies coins from any text data and you can learn the newest coins before anyone else. When others start to learn about the new coin you can already have them and maximise your profits.
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Whale alert

We all know about the whales in the crypto market. They can be dangerous but also very beneficial (if you know when they move). Because we can track and store the blockchain transactions, we can report you when whales start to invest in a particular coin. This gives you the ability to move with whales.
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Hexagon Screener

Thanks to the hexagon screener you can see and compare market capitalizations, trade volumes, circulating supplies, volatilities, risks and other metrics of all coins. It helps you analyze coins easily when you combine them with charts.
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